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Welcome to the main Paul Fleury "cellopro" site.  This site has been a wonderful undertaking, and I'm hoping it will not only provide information about me, but information that in general benefits the entire cello community of performers, hobbyists, teachers, and students.  Within these pages lies a vast treasure trove of information, music, teaching aids, as well as a small attempt to provide information about everything cello.

To the left you will find buttons that will lead you to some interesting places, so sit back, enjoy, and spread the word.
Currently coming in is the list of audition requirements for music for the FOA Florida All-State audition music.  Primary focus is to provide the cello audition music, but more will be added as I have the time to fully research the music that is required for all strings.  Click on the appropriate grade.  Coming shortly!
FOA All-State Requirements
7th-8th grade orchestral requirements.

9th-10th grade orchestral requirements.

11th-12th grade orchestral requirements.
Edition Fleury is committed to the undertaking of preserving music, both old and new, so a publishing company has been started to keep out-of-print music, and expensive music published by the big publishing companies in print to keep music affordable and available.  Click the newest catalog available here to download the Editions we carry.  New editions are published every week, so visit the amazon.com link to browse what is new.
Download Catalog Here
Complimentary Scores, and arrangements can usually be found on Free-Scores, click picture to go to the main site, or see my composer/arranger page HERE.